Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rain..Raining...Rain coat? No! Lab coat and umbrella plz!

Salam and selawat to our Prophet Muhammad saw...
Alhamdulillah, thank to was raining again today...tear-drops rain...sometimes it could be the ever good reason for not coming to the lab in this rainy day especially during weekend...when i was walking to the lab with 2 bags (all-lab-required stuffs inside), food for my dearest friend (she's working so hard from morning till night), umbrella (borrowed from my coolest roomate) and mp3 (entertainment to deviate your mind so that 20min walking would feel like 5 min)...continue my journey...someone said in one tv show, success in life is all about the journey you i hope this journey would bring me to the top.. Those who has the transport should be gratefull that you would not experience all of this..Lucky you are but i think that i'm luckier than you! For whatever the reason is, life would not be that easy, you have to face everything. If it is easier for you right now be gtareful and appreciate it. Because no one knows what is going to happen in the future...It is a kind of reminder for you friends as well as for me. Let our final semester here be the most beautiful moment to everyone...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

bacterias update!

salam everyone!

Today is tuesday, 5.45pm... what a long day today and i was wondering about my plates incuted in the microb lab. Wth the hope that everything will be going fine, finally i checked the result for zone of inhibition for all the plates. I was surprized and just want to say that Allah really help me go through this final project.. Alhamdulillah....For my first trial it already show the future for further study. You know what i mean... the result not disappoint me but at the same time it makes me more nervous to carry out further test which is phytochemical.. anyone have any idea what phytochemical is? please do help and guide me to the right is going to be a long journey for me and i know other people has longer journey than mine but different person deals with different way. Whether it is the best way or not, it depends on you. So please pray for me!

have a nice day in the lab!=)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What am i doing in the Lab Now?

I woke up quite early this morning. I prepared myself to wake up my bacteria and fungus in the microbiology lab. So far, they grow well inside nutrient broth and i think the broth was so nutritious as they were allowed to grow for overnight. Life is complicated and sometimes it is hard to express what is in your head. I use to talk to myself when there is nobody, just like now. I am writing and speak to myself so that i can understand the words from literature...but that the best way and i found it really work especially when you are working in the lab. I will be starting to standardize the bacteria culture this evening with nujma... So, i have to find some space to talk to myself without nujma recognize me doing that...hehehe

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Journey or the Road Not Taken?

Salam and selawat to our prophet Muhamad saw...

Hi everyone! i am starting my first episode of 23 years is too has been 5 years and half studying in uiam. For me i was fated to study here because at first among all university i said to myself that i won't enter where am i now? (you know the answer)
That is why the title is the journey or the road not taken...hehe...